Writing your Freelance profile

Writing your profile

Consider your profile as your first contact with a client, you need to sell yourself as a professional, it needs to be planned. Always be honest in what you can do. Don’t claim to be an expert if you’re not.

Write a list of what you need to put in your profile


  • Tag line
  • A short introduction
  • What services you provide
  • What skills you have
  • Your experience
  • Your qualifications.

Your tagline should be sort and to the point, it should be catchy and state the benefits you offer such as “fast accurate typist” “Content creation expert”

Your introduction should be a short overview of your services and experience, the client is not interested in how many children you have, or that you are working part time to get through college. The client wants to know that you can do the work they require. If you are a member of any professional body such as “Member of the Institute of Professional Administrators” mention it here it shows you are a professional.

The services you provide should be in bullet points with short explanations. Not all clients understand the technical terms for what they want done. Don’t just write SEO write

·        Search Engine Optimisation. The process of improving the quality and volume of traffic to a website.

Your skills: As well as skills you have qualifications in, such as power point presentations, word processing, you can include your typing speed, that you have great organizational skills and if you are fluent in any other languages. Again elaborate on these skills. Instead of just writing word processing, write

Word processing, including; document formatting, automated table of contents, indexes, and foot notes. Creating interactive forms, converting from pdf to Word etc.

Your Experience. Only write relevant work experience. You do not need to list every job you’ve had since leaving school! You can write 15years in administration or 3 years experience in a graphics design studio.

List your qualifications stating the degree/diploma. If you qualified at a prestigious institution state that too.

When you have written out your profile read through it a couple of times check for spelling and grammar errors and get someone else to read through it as well. Often another person might think of something you have forgotten or spot mistakes you have missed. It is important that your profile is free from errors, I your profile is full of spelling mistakes clients will not believe that you will be professional in you work.

Upload your profile to all the sites that you have signed up to making changes to accommodate the set up on the particular sites.

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