Write a Winning Elance Proposal

Writing your proposal

When submitting a proposal for a job on Elance or any freelance you need to make your proposal stand out from the others, follow the guidelines below and you are sure to increase your chances of writing a winning proposal

Before writing your Elance proposal, make sure you read the job description carefully and check the buyers’ profile. If the buyer includes a sample file look at it.

Never submit a general bid for a project; you must let the buyer know that you are interested in their specific job. Address your proposal to the user name on the project, and state the name of the project you are bidding on. (Sometimes buyers can have more than one open project on a site.)

Write your Elance proposal to match the job, repeat relevant points from the job description. This lets the buyer know that you have read the project; answer any questions that the buyer asks.

Ask questions. This encourages interaction with the buyer. But make sure that your questions are relevant and have not already been stated in the project description. If the title of the project is “Convert 20 page pdf document to Word” do not ask how many pages need to be converted. But you can ask if the document includes graphics and tables. If the project is to design a brochure, ask if the client will be supplying the graphics or will you need to source them.

State your appropriate experience of similar projects you have worked on, even if they are not on that freelance site. And state how you are qualified for the job, never assume that the client will read your profile, (some clients do and some don’t)

Tell the client how you will go about the job. But don’t go into too much detail. Tell him enough, to let him know you can do the job and what is involved, (so he understands the value of your work.) Do not give enough details to teach him (or a lower charging, less experienced freelancer) how to do the job.

Attach samples of similar work you have done, even if the same sample is in your portfolio. (Again some buyers check your profile some do not) If your account doesn’t allow attachments, direct the buyer to your portfolio.

Clearly state your bid and what deliverables are included in the price. If the answers to the questions you have asked will affect the amount of time taken or the price, say so in your proposal.

Keep your tone friendly but professional; do not use slang or text language, such as L8tr, lol etc. check your spelling and grammar.

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